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Eve Table Lamp


Price : $1130

SKU: LUM-141

Eve Table Lamp by Lumina. From the experience of Eve, comes Eve, a stand lamp similar to its big sister, but more contained in size and with a reduced light output.Eve is a lamp with indirect light: through a PMMA lens, the high-performance 5W Led Cob performance housed in the base concentrates its light on the upper conical reflector, limiting direct glare.

Eve’s body consists of a glass cylinder that protects the internal optics from dust and scratches, closed at the top by a specially designed reflector. The assembly of the cylinder and the frames is done in-house by robotic gluing.Thanks to a touch dimmer mechanism, active on every point of the base ring, it is possible to adjust the light with the simple touch of a finger: the first turns the lamp on, the second reduces its its output to a minimum, the third turns it off. Eve Table Lamp by Lumina is designed by Foster + Partners

Lumina started with a design idea from Tommaso Cimini, who in 1973 designed the first Daphine table lamp which was presented in the same year at the Fiera Campionaria in Milan. Based on the success and responds for the fixture, Lumina was later founded in 1975. To this date Lumina makes light fixtures with quality craftsmanship and a design philosophy where less is more. The Lumina collection includes classics like Daphine, Matrix, Galileo, Liz, Lizzy, Multi, Naomi, Zed, Opus, Tangram and Zelig.

Lumina Specs

Eve Table Lamp
SKU: LUM-141
D: 4.7", H: 8.6"
Light: 1 x 4 Watt LED

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