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Trypta Pendant Lamp


Price : $2433

SKU: D97C36/D97/1D

Price : $2530

SKU: D97C46/D97/1D

Price : $2697

SKU: D97C36/D97/2D

Price : $2768

SKU: D97C37/D97/2D

Price : $2768

SKU: D97C39/D97/2D

Price : $2715

SKU: D97C46/D97/2D

Price : $2860

SKU: D97C47/D97/2D

Price : $2974

SKU: D97C49/D97/2D

Trypta D97 Pendant Lamp by Luceplan. Trypta is a system of suspension lamps that offers a combination of acoustic features and lighting performance in various dimensions and colors. The cylindrical aluminum body is equipped with two LED sources to provide both direct and indirect diffused light.Three slots along the body of the lamp permit assembly of three acoustic panels positioned at 120°. The core of the panels is made of a high-performance soundproofing material, covered with an elegant fabric offered in different colors.The body of the lamp comes in two lengths while the panels are available in a range of different sizes, as it is possible to create varied configurations - flat, shifted and mixed - by combining panels in different measures and positions. Trypta D97 Pendant Lamp by Luceplan is designed by Stephen Burks 

LucePlan Lighing was founded in 1978 by Paolo Rizzato, Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi, who had been together at the Politecnico University in Milan. Over the years LucePlan has created a collection of indoor and outdoor lights, that are not only functional but derived in a design evolution process rather then styling. The LucePlan collection includes classics like Berenice, Costanza, Metropoli, Mix, Fortebraccio, Miranda, Titania, Strip, Trama and Orchestra.
Agaricon is Made in Italy

LucePlan Specs

Trypta Pendant Lamp - D97
Small Pendant Lamp
SKU : D97C36/D97/1D
D: 1.4", H: 35.4"
Light: 2 x 22.5 Watt LED

Large Pendant Lamp
SKU : D97C36/ D97/2D
D: 1.4", H: 47.2"
Light: 2 x 22.5 Watt LED

Structure: Extruded Aluminum
Panels: Frame Aluminum, acoustic Material Covered With Flame Retardant Fabric

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